Stephanie Wood


Society & Issues

Stories that look at the way we live, who we are and the struggles we face, from how smartphones have changed what it means to be a teenager, to the emotional torment of redundancy, and the tragedy of elderly abuse in our society.

Story Publication Date
‘I fret about the years that lie ahead’: the unique caring burden of single childless daughters The Guardian Australia Dec 2023
Why Children Are Being Returned To Abusive Fathers Overseas Primer Nov 2023
How our changing understanding of personality disorders is making labels such as “narcissist” obsolete Good Weekend magazine Aug 2023
The Invisible Epidemic Of Brain Injuries Among Domestic Violence Survivors Primer May 2023
Middle-aged. Middle-class. Underemployed Good Weekend magazine Apr 2023
‘Our little $7,000 dog’: inside Australia’s oodle boom The Guardian Australia Dec 2022
‘I don’t mind camping, but I won’t sleep in the car’: what happens when superannuation keeps failing women The Guardian Australia Jun 2022
The narcissist’s playbook ABC News Mar 2022
Staying cool: For the TikTok generation, it requires relentless commitment Good Weekend magazine Feb 2022
The unclaimed: the ashes left waiting in Sydney’s Wayside Chapel The Guardian Australia Oct 2021
‘A lot of people are sleepwalking into it’: the expert raising concerns over AI Good Weekend magazine Aug 2021
The ethicist will see you now: unravelling dilemmas at a decision-making helpline The Guardian Australia Aug 2021
‘How good were koalas?’: A national treasure in peril Good Weekend magazine Feb 2021
Beach maximalism: a frenzy for cabanas and carts is taking over Australian shores The Guardian Australia Jan 2021
Last drinks at the kindness cafe: the end of Redfern’s Cafe Surry Spectrum The Sydney Morning Herald Mar 2020
‘We Are Gluttons’: Our excessive food habits are creating a global wasteland Good Weekend magazine Jun 2019
What that Facebook quiz is doing to your privacy Good Weekend magazine Fairfax Media Jul 2017
An independent life ended with a lonely isolated death ABC Opinion online Jul 2017
How social media has changed everything for teenage girls Good Weekend magazine Fairfax Media Jan 2017
Greek-Australian’s Olympia cafŽé in Stanmore one of the last original milk bars Good Weekend magazine Fairfax Media Jun 2016
Spotlight swings on elder abuse as inquiry and Royal Commission examine issues The Sydney Morning Herald Jan 2016
‘Lord, have mercy on me’: What it’s like to be old and abused by your kids Good Weekend magazine Fairfax Media Dec 2015
What lies beneath: The deadly conflict between crocodiles and humans Good Weekend magazine Fairfax Media Aug 2014
Redundancy: When losing your job means losing your self The Sydney Morning Herald Jul 2014
Daniel Morcombe taken by ‘forces of darkness’ All Fairfax publications Mar 2014
Inside the police operation that brought Daniel Morcombe’s killer to justice All Fairfax publications Mar 2014
Daniel Morcombe verdict: Brett Cowan, portrait of a monster All Fairfax publications Mar 2014
Dodge City: Questionable conduct among Australian expats in Phnom Penh’s charity sector Good Weekend magazine Fairfax Media Feb 2014
There goes the neighbourhood: the gentrification of Redfern The Sydney Magazine Aug 2012
Face value: Holding up a mirror to Miranda and modelling The Sydney Magazine Feb 2012

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